Ongoing ECO Projects



Trade & Investment:

ECO-PIDE Study on  the   Trading Patterns in the  ECO Region

ECO-UNIDO Project on Trade Capacity Building of ECO Member States

ECO Trade and Investment  Network Web Portal

Transport & Communication:

 ECO-IDB Project on Multi-Modal Transport System

Energy & Minerals:


Feasibility Study on the establishment of a web-based system
of unified and valid “ECO Geosciences Database (GD)”



ECO-FAO Project, Regional Programme for Food Security (RPFS)

Strengthening seed supply in ECO region, with specific emphasis on Central Asia (.pdf format)


      Proposed Projects for:

Economic Research and Statistics :

 Perspectives of Inter-regional Trade in ECO region
 Social Demographics and Energy Consumption in ECO region 
 Development of Coutry Statistics in ECO region 
 Economic Management Modelling for ECO region 
 Trade Liberilization and Food Security in ECO region
 EGE Model in ECO and Capacity Building 
 Common balance of payments in energy for ECO contries
 Alternative Energy Resources in ECO region
 Inter-agency Cooperation in Development of ECCA 


 ECO-UNDP Project
 ECO-DCCU Project
 ECO-DCCU Project Revised
 ECO-Asean Project Cooperation


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