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13th ECO Summit was held in Islamabad            

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April 2017

International Energy Charter delegation visited ECO Secretariat

ECO Secretariat attended the UN Partnership Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction

March 2017


Training Course on Strategic Management in Tehran

13th ECO Summit was held in Islamabad

February 2017

2nd Peste des Petits Ruminants Meeting for ECO Region in Dushanbe

ECO and UNIDO reviewed cooperation in Tehran

ECO Workshop on Industrial Property Rights

ECO Secretariat Participated in the Steering Committee of the ECO Regional Coordination Centre (ECO-RCC) for Food Security

ECO-ESCAP joint DRR Mission started its work in Kabul

Railways Officials of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran agreed on the commercialization of the ECO corridor

ECO Secretariat attended Tajik ceremony for UN Decade on Water

January 2017

ECO Secretariat hosted the 7th (Extra-Ordinary) Meeting of ECOTA Cooperation Council

Study and website on Nanotechnology in ECO Region were formally launched

New Kyrgyz Permanent Representative presented his Credentials to the ECO Secretary General

December 2016

First Meeting of ECO Heads of Investment Promotion Agencies in Islamabad

Premises of the Central Secretariat of ECO- RISCAM was formally inaugurated

ECO Member States discussed biodiversity cooperation in Cancun

“ECO Day 2016” was celebrated in Tehran

ECO Secretariat hosted the 27th Meeting of the ECO Regional Planning Council (RPC)

ECO Secretariat attended the 6th Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process in India


ECO Secretary General attended UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference in Ashgabat

ECO Transit Transport Coordination Council and its Committees met in Tehran


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Implementation of TTFA


“Joint ECO-ITU Study on ICT needs of ECO Member States”
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Maps of ECO Road and Railway Transit Routes

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ECO Chronicle Februray 2017


Fifteen Years of Economic Cooperation and Development - (2000-2015)

Annual Economic Report 2014

Drug Situation in the ECO Region

Nanotechnology in ECO Countries

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