The Editorial Board of the ECO Economic Journal  convened its  2nd Meeting in Baku


The 2nd Meeting of the Editorial Board of ECO Economic Journal was held on 26 April 2014 in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. The High ranking academic members of the Board representing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Tajikistan and Republic of Turkey participated in the Meeting.

In her inaugural address,  H.E. Mrs. Sevinc Hasanova, the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of Republic of Azerbaijan while highlighting the key importance of ECO briefed the participants on the accelerating trends of economic exchanges between Republic of Azerbaijan and other economies in the ECO Region. She further emphasized the dynamism of the ECO Economic Journal as it sets theoretical framework for prospective sustainable economic growth in the Region.

During the Meeting, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal (representative of Republic of Azerbaijan) presented a conceptual framework for the Journal followed by presentations by Board vice- presidents (representatives of Kazakhstan and Pakistan) on the thematic layout of the forthcoming issue of the Journal, as well as the proposed plan on its global ranking.  The other Board Members also provided detailed overview of their own work during the period of 2013-2014.

The participants agreed that the Journal, apart from providing a theoretical foundation for the Region’s economic growth, should upgrade "ECO visibility, efficiency, and dynamism”, in pursuit of decisions of 21st Meeting of Council of Ministers. The Board also concluded that it will select the best academic thoughts from the pool of papers, to be brainstormed at ECO Economic Forum in October 2014, and will consolidate them in the 5th issue of the Journal, which will seek international Indexing. The Board also decided to invite Nobel Prize Laureates in economics to the "ECO Economic Forum-2014". Turkey was assigned to develop a Five Year Plan of Action for the Journal (2015-2020). In addition, the Members of the Board approved ECO Annual Economic Report 2012. The Board also assumed the task of providing necessary inputs to the formulation of "ECO Vision Post- 2015"