ECO-GIZ to Expand Cooperation

During a formal visit by ECO Deputy Secretary General to Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) headquarters in Eschborn, Germany, the two sides discussed the potential areas for further cooperation. ECO-GIZ are currently cooperating in the context of a project funded by European Union addressing illicit trafficking from/to Afghanistan. In a meeting with GIZ officials in charge of Caucasus and Central Asian region, 16 April 2014, the ECO Deputy Secretary General presented an overview of ECO performance in different areas and highlighted some areas for potential cooperation with GIZ. The GIZ officials in return acknowledged the important role of ECO in the Region and expressed interest to consider enhanced cooperation with ECO.

The two sides agreed that a GIZ delegation may visit ECO Secretariat in June 2014 in order to develop possible framework for cooperation among two organizations.


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