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Drug Control Unit

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ECO College of Insur.

ECO Culture Inst.

ECO Disaster Risk Management

ECO NANO Network

ECO Post Website

ECO Seed Association
ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF)
ECO Statistical Network

ECO Technology Transfer Center

ECO Trade & Development Bank

ECO Trade Promotion

ECO Civil Registration

Geosciences Database of ECO

Human Resource Development

International Organizations

Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ECO-IEST) website

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Pharmaceutical Network

Silk Road Caravan

ECO Seismic Hazard Reduction Programme Project

ECO Data Information Network on Renewable Energy


Member States Links

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Official Website:;  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Ministry of Finance:

Ministry of Communication:
Ministry of Agriculture:

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development:

Ministry of Counter Narcotics:


Republic of Azerbaijan

President Office:

Ministry of Economic Affairs:

Ministry of Education:

The State Statistical Committee:  


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Industry & Mines:

Ministry of Energy:

Ministry of Commerce & Iran Trade Point Network:

Ministry of Petroleum:

Ministry of Jihad-i-Agriculture:

Iranian Information Center of Industries & Mines:

Iran Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO):

Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO):

Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI):

National Iranian Oil Company:

Customs of Iran:

Department of High Tech Industries / Information Network for Electronic Industries:

National Iranian Cooper Industries Company:

Iranian Aluminum Company:

Iranian Khodro Industrial Group:

Iran Industrial Estate Corporation:

Iran SME Organization:

Industrial & Engineering Inspection of Iran:


Republic of Kazakhstan

President Office:

Official Website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Agriculture:

Ministry of Defence:

Ministry of Finance:

Ministry of Interior:

Ministry of Labour & Social Protection:

Ministry of Public Health:

Ministry of Transport & Communications:

National news agency:


Kyrgyz Republic

Official Website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

National news agency:


Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The Official Web Gateway of the Government of Pakistan:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Commerce:

Ministry of Communications:

Ministry of Defence:

Ministry of Economic Affairs & Statistics:

Ministry of Education:

Ministry of Environment:

Ministry of Finance & Revenue:

Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock:

Ministry of Health:

Ministry of Industries, Production & Special Initiatives:

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting:

Ministry of Information Technology:

Ministry of Interior:

Ministry of Labour:

Ministry of Law, Justice & Human Rights:

Ministry of Tourism:

Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth Affairs:

Ministry of Ports & Shipping:

Ministry of Narcotics Control:

Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources:

Ministry of Planning & Development:

Ministry of Religious Affairs:

Ministry of Railways:

Ministry of Science & Technology:

Ministry of Water & Power:

Privatization Commission:

Experts Advisory Cell:  and

Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority:

National Productivity Organization:

Pakistan Business Portal:

Export Promotion Bureau:

Export Promotion Zones Authority of Pakistan:

Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry:

Central Board of Revenue:

Federal Public Service Commission:

Higher Education Commission:

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation:

Pakistan Trade Office:

Pakistan Meteorological Department:

Engineering Development Board:

National Tariff Commission:

Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan:

Pakistan Software export Board:

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd:

Virtual University:

Official Website for Hajj:


Republic of Tajikistan

Tajikistan Information Portal:

Anti Drug Control Agency:

State Agency on support of development of small entrepreneurship:

Ministry of Nature Protection:

Ministry of Transport:

The State Statistics Committee:


Republic of Turkey

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey:

Office of The President: 

Prime Ministry:

Ministry of Justice:

Ministry of National Defense:

Ministry of Interior:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ministry of Finance:

Ministry of National Education:

Ministry of Public Works and Housing:

Ministry of Health:

Ministry of Transportation:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:

Ministry of Labor and Social Security:

Ministry of Industry and Trade:

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources:

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Ministry of Environment and Forestry:

Central Bank:

State Planning Organization:


Foreign Trade:


State Institute of Statistics:

Turkish Standards Institute:

Patent Institute:

Capital Market Board:

Istanbul Stock Exchange:

Competition Authority:

Privatization Administration:

Small & Medium Industries Development Organization:

General Directorate of Press and Information:

Turkish Armed Forces:

Secretariat of Defense Industries:

General Directorate of Security:

Department of Religious Affair:

Turkish Counsel of Higher Education:

The Scientific and Technical Research Council:

Turkish Academy of Science:


Ministry of National Education:

Turkish Atomic Energy Authority:

Marmara Research Center:

Technology Follow-up & Evaluation Department (TİDEB) of

Scientific & Technical Research Council (TÜBİTAK)

Road Traffic Industry:

Automotive Industry:

Food Processing Industry:

Hydrocarbon Industry:

Mining Industry:

Offshore Oil & Gas Industry:

Power Technology:

Water Industry:    


Republic of Uzbekistan

Portal of the State of Authority:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Agency for Foreign Economic Relations:

Ministry of Justice:

Ministry of Public Education:

Ministry of Economy:

Ministry of Labour, Social Security: (under construction)

State Patent Office:







International Organizations Links

Sites of International Organizations

United Nations Organization:

United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific:

United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO):

United Nations Development Programme:

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe:

United Nations Population Fund:

United Nations Industrial Development Organization:

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund:

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC):

Asian Development Bank:

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN):

Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation:

Colombo Plan:

Crans Montana Forum:

International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas;

Organization of Islamic Conference:

Islamic Development Bank:

Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD):

Pacific Islands Forum:

World Health Organization:

World Economic Forum:


United Nations Coordination Unit in Tajikistan:

Regional Center of Hydrology in Central Asia:






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